Blue and Green

Bluebell wood

In the middle of May it becomes obvious, if there ever was any doubt, how the Bluebell Wood next to our house got its name. This year, the annual show was particularly spectacular, there seemed to be more flowers than ever and the little forest was a real sea of lavender blue haze.

Bluebell Wood


How I love the dappled light and the fresh greens in the woods at this time of the year. Particularly in the evening, as the light levels drop, the leaves in the trees sparkle with the last rays of the sun and on the ground drifts of light areas are interspersed with darker shadows.

Bluebell Wood in evening sun II (1024x683)

Bluebell Wood in evening sun (1024x683)

I adore the combination of ferns and bluebells together which look as if they were placed there by some forest designer.

Bluebells and ferns

Bluebells and ferns

Bluebells and ferns

Ferns in spring

Although the bluebells are only 70-80 m from our house, this year actually getting to them was quite a struggle for me, as my strength has gone seriously downhill in recent months and now walking more than 50 m or so is getting difficult. As much as I would have liked to have been walking there every day, at different times of the day to capture different light, this year at least it wasn’t possible.  Although I have a wheelchair, unfortunately it is not a 4-wheel-drive sports utility model and so absolutely no use on a woodland path, let alone off-road.

But I did manage to make the trip a couple of times during the two week flowering period. The trick was to bring a picnic blanket so that I could take breaks between the walking and photographic activity.

It was lovely to lie down on that blanket, listen to the birds and the wind shuffling the leaves in the trees and be surrounded by all the greenery and the blue haze of the flowers.

Woodland in spring, with bluebells and moss