Golden Glow

grasses in summer evening sunSometimes I can find as much photographic inspiration in a patch of weedy unmown lawn as in a beautiful garden full of showy flowers.

I do have a good supply of unmown lawn and plenty of weeds in my own garden, but, facing mainly east and south, and being surrounded by large trees in the West, our garden rarely has an interesting evening light during the height of summer in June and July.

So to capture the special golden tones of a summer evening sun I need to venture out a bit further.

grasses in summer evening sun II (1024x683)

Luckily, not too much further, only 10-20 meters  down the road in fact, as there is an abandoned old garden just across the road from us. It is not looked after any more, so the weeds are gradually taking over. But I love that combination of old shrubs and trees from the glory days of the past, surrounded by vibrant and energetic newcomers, full of life and energy and ready to charge.

dock flowers


I do realise some people might find it peculiar but I love photographing weeds. I of course prefer to call them in a much more respectful term “native plant” and to me they are as fascinating as photographic subjects as any garden plant. They have the kind of beauty I like photographing, the overlooked, not noticed or the ignored kind. They may be the wall-flowers of the summer garden party, but they deserve a closer and more appreciative look.


In any case,  just before sunset, when the light is golden and glowing, all plants, no matter how common or humble, just look beautiful to me.

buttercup in evening sun

grasses and weeds in an evening sun

grasses in summer evening sun