Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossom

Cherry blossom time is always the highlight of the spring here in Kent.

There’s something so luxurious about cherry blossom; they are so intensely romantic and feminine. The colours of their confetti-like flowers range from white and palest pink to a deep cherry red. Fans of cool and minimalistic trendy gardens might complain they are too blousy, too overwhelmingly pink, the very opposite of minimalism in fact, but here in Kent, the home for so many traditional English country gardens and where cherries are grown commercially, you could not imagine a spring without them.

Cherry blossom

Around where we live, it is a cherry tree heaven. There are many old ornamental cherry trees in our and the neighbours’ gardens, and the fruit farm next door has endless neat rows of small cherry trees that will produce the most beautifully delicious fruit later on in the summer. I too have planted three cherry trees of the edible variety in my garden, but the trees are still too young to produce a proper harvest.

So normally, when this spring spectacular arrives, I would be spending endless amount of time photographing the blossom, in different stages, different times of the day and all kinds of light.

Cherry buds

This year was a little bit more difficult because of my recent CFS troubles. Around the time the cherry trees were blossoming (more than a month ago now) I was feeling particularly wobbly and standing up for any length of time was a struggle, so this year’s photographic loot was not brilliant. And as blogging has not been easy either, I am hopelessly late showing you these.

But better late than never?

Cherry blossom