Abundant Apple Blossom

Apple blossom

The leisurely pace on this blog continues: we may officially have moved to summer (even if the weather continues to be rather chilly and un-summerly), but I’ve still got a few spring images to show you. So here they are, the apple blossom in my garden this year.

This little corner of the world is a haven for apple trees, after all we live next to a fruit farm. In fact, when we moved here and I was discussing my gardening plans with someone, I was explicitly told “whatever you do, don’t plant any apple trees!” (and this happened a few times I seem to remember).

Apple tree in full blossom (1024x683)

In our garden there are some very old and picturesque-looking apple trees that still produce decent enough crop. These are the trees I photographed for this post.

In addition, there’s an abandoned apple orchard nearby where we have been given a permission by the absentee-landowner just to help ourselves to the apples. So, really there is no lack of apple trees here. In the orchard, on a good year, it breaks my heart to see all the trees full of apples, most going to waste because no one is eating them. Naturally, we always do our best to avoid such terrible waste.

Apple blossom

But all the apples growing on these trees are very sweet, and I do like some crispy ones for cooking and mixing with the sweet ones for juice. So I ignored the advice and planted a few new trees nevertheless, sour cooking-type apple varieties.

After planting, the deer promptly ate all the growing tips, much to my distress. I should have guessed this would happen, but I was naive, a newbie to this area, but now I have certainly learned the lesson. Netting was quickly added, and the trees seemed to have survived. They are still too young to produce anything, but there were a few flowers on them, always a good sign.

Pink buds on an apple tree (1024x683)

Apple blossom

Last year was very bad for apple growing, after a period of drought we had the wettest April and May and no bees were about. They must have been huddling in their nests instead of doing their job. In the autumn, only two of the trees in the old orchard had any apples in them. The rest; just empty.

But this year, apparently the cold late spring meant good apple blossom and hopefully a better year for fruit.

Apple blossom

We’ll see, the blossom at least was abundant this year.