Cuckoo Flower

Cardamine pratensis III

Cuckoo flower (Cardamine pratensis) is a wild flower that I absolutely adore. It’s a modest and gentle sort of plant,  not brash or showy in anyway. Its lilac colour is so pale that it looks almost white if you look at it from a distance in a bright midday sun.

To appreciate its quiet beauty, you need to get very close to it, preferably in a soft evening light.

Cardamine pratensis II

It is a flower that according to folklore is sacred to the fairies, which, given its delicate and haunting beauty, makes perfect sense to me. Apparently for this reason it is said to bring you bad luck to bring it indoors.

I love the fact that it is spreading around in my garden, in all those slightly shady and damp spots where it is very welcome to come and inhabit. It  is always such a treat to see it flowering late in the spring, the time of the year when the cuckoos are cuckoo’ing in the surrounding woodlands.

Cuckoo flower Cardamine pratensis