Pond Life

Marsh Marigold in evening light (1024x683)

At this time of the year, the large pond in our garden is full of life.

It is surrounded by all kinds of spring flowering plants growing on its banks; daffodils, primroses and, at the edges of the pond itself, vibrantly yellow marsh marigolds.

pond (1024x683)

marsh marigolds and primroses (1024x697)

We don’t really know if our pond is man made or a natural one, but it has certainly been there for a long time, as it appears in old maps.

Marsh marigold II (1024x683)

I love the marsh marigolds (Caltha palustris). They are such an intense shade of yellow that it is pointless trying to photograph them in the full midday sun, you will need to wait for the softer light in the late afternoon.

Marsh Marigold (1024x683)

In addition to all the plants, there are lots of little creatures living in the pond. At this time of the year, it is full of tadpoles that will eventually turn into little frogs which I am particularly fond of. There are also some large fish in the pond, probably some kind of carp. We never put them there, and neither did the previous owner, so they must have been there for many many years.

But our favourite pond creatures are the newts,  small water lizards that you can see basking in the sun just below the surface on warm sunny days. Our ones are common newts, not the crested ones that are more rare. They like hiding amongst twigs and plant leaves that are floating on the surface. At first you can’t see any, and then, suddenly, as your eyes get used to looking for them, you see several of them.

I’m not much of a wildlife photographer, I am never able to capture any particularly arty shots of anything that moves. But here’s a picture of a newt for you, don’t you just love his small toes?

Newt (1024x683)