Little Miracles

Leaves emerging on Amelanchier lamarkii

After a long and grey winter that lingered on for much longer than usual, I feel I have come through a photographic desert into an oasis of abundance.

After February and March when nothing much seemed to be happening in nature or the garden, everything has now burst into life and there is an endless amount of things to look at and admire.

Winter flowering cherry

Spring flowers are of course the showiest and most obviously photogenic subjects, but I have a particular fondness for the more humble looking things, the little leaves and shoots that are emerging everywhere now.

They are modest and delicate little things, not shouting out loud and advertising their presence like some of their brightly coloured spring flower cousins.  You need to look really closely to appreciate their wonderful colours, and that’s why I like photographing them.

Emerging leaves

Maple blossom

Their beauty is fleeting.  Maple blossom will be gone within a few weeks, making room for the leaves to appear. And all those newly emerging leaves  have a fresh light green colour that will soon be transformed into darker green shade. With such a special quality of delicateness, they form like a sheer green veil over the otherwise bare branches.

Birches in spring

Woodland coming to life

Hawthorn (1024x683)

Willow (1024x683)

Progress is so fast now that every day the trees look different. Here is my Amelanchier lamarkii tree just a few days ago.

Amelanchier lamarchii (1024x682)

And now, the flowers are ready to come out.

Amelanchier lamarkii about to blossom (1024x683)

It is a season of little miracles.

Small leaves

Quince leaves (1024x683)