Soon, I hope, soon!

Dried hydrangea flowerhea
This year, winter lingers on unusually long. According to the calendar, spring should already be in full swing. Normally at this time of the year, on sunny days you can sit in the sun without your coat on, and just enjoy the delicious luxury of feeling the sun shine on your face first time after the gloomy winter months.

Not this year. February was cold and grey, and March is not showing any signs of being different. So far, we’ve had two sunny days this month (yes I am definitely counting), when  you could suddenly feel that spring is finally on its way. Alas, it was false hope, and did not last long. The weather quickly resumed its current routine of being damp and grey. Last week we had snow again, and the forecast says we might well get a bit more this week.

Normally I don’t believe in moaning about the weather. It is what it is, and in this country at least, if you let your mood be dependent on it then you’re in big trouble. But this year has been particularly tough health-wise, and I have been craving for spring sunshine as if it were certain to bring me a miracle cure.

And all those photographs of the arrival of spring that I had been planning on showing you on this blog, well… I haven’t got them, yet.

Soon, I hope, soon!

Dried Hydrangea Flowerhead III

Meanwhile, I am having to show you last year’s blooms that I rescued and keep on the window sill of my little attic room which is my office and central hub of all sort of creative activities. I keep looking at them, and hope that soon I have new season’s flowers to admire and photograph.

Ammi visnaga seedhead (1024x683)

Dried Hydrangea Flowerhead