Woodland in Winter, part 2

A snowy path in a woodland

A snow fall is a special event that only happens a few times a year at most here in Kent. People driving around in summer tyres probably curse it but to me it is luxury that reminds me of home.

I love the effect snow has on the woodland scenery around our house. The blanket of whiteness unifies all the separate elements in the landscape, turning the woodland into a monochrome tapestry of black and white and all the shades of grey in between.

Tree trunks covered with snow

The tree trunks seem to lose their individual identities and they too become a part of the texture in this winter tapestry. Forming all kinds of interesting lines that tilt this way and that, the trees provide rhythm and pattern, as if they were a part of an abstract composition.

Birch trees in snow

Bluebell Wood in snow (1024x683)