Reflections on ice II (1024x683)There is a dell in the forest next to our house, which is thought to be an old quarry. Although it dries in the summer, with all the rain of recent months, it is has been full of water for most of the winter.

It is not a picturesque place, most of the time it looks dark and dull, with a muddy pond at the bottom where a few trees and shrubs grow.

The frozen pond (1024x683)

Yet, as I discovered during the cold snap a few weeks ago, winter ice and frost can make an inspiring landscape from the least promising of places.

In the dell, the muddy water had turned into ice, and the morning sun was creating beautiful reflections on the ice.

Reflections on Ice I (1024x683)

Patterns on ice (1024x683)

I loved the way the light brought out interesting patterns and textures on the ice. It was as if nature had been creating modern abstract paintings, just for its own amusement.

Reflections on ice IV (1024x683)