A Misty and Magical Day

Frozen grasses in mist

A few days ago the whole world turned misty and mysterious.

It was a most splendid day of thick freezing fog, and unusually it lasted all day, not just those first few precious moments in the morning.

I love these moody melancholy days. Nature’s colour palette had turned entirely monochrome, it was as if I had suddenly walked into a black and white photograph.  All the greens and browns had become muted and desaturated, like in those hand painted old pictures.

Road in the mist

Misty forest

Gate (1024x683)

Occasionally you would see a brighter colour that really stood out in the background of grey, like the rusty red on this tree trunk.

Rusty red tree trunk in a mist

And the mossy greens on trees had suddenly become incredibly vivid, as if the green had put on an extra glow just to make sure it did not go unnoticed in the mist.

The dell

Misty forest