Hydrangeas on a frosty morning IILike an artist who has his favourite model, there are a few plants in my garden that I photograph over and over again.

Different seasons, different time of the day, different light.

Hydranges at morning sun (1024x683)

Like my hydrangeas.

They start flowering in the middle of the summer and keep on going for several months. And even after flowering, once the flower heads start drying up, they still look interesting.

Hydrangeas in an autumn evening light

And even if the subject remains the same, the light never does.

It is always different, it is always unique.

Hydrangeas in December

Hydrangeas on a frosty morning II

Hydrangeas in the morning sun II

Miss that light and the moment will never return.

Mophead hydrangeas in winter morning sun

Frozen Hydrangea flowers

Frozen Hydrangea Flower