New Season

Winter SunriseChristmas has been thoroughly celebrated, both Finnish and English style, family has been visited (well the English side anyway) and much food has been consumed.

As much as I love Christmas and its atmosphere, because of my M.E. it always feels like completing a marathon. It is a physical endurance test that requires weeks of preparation and at least as much time again to recover from. So I always like it when the new year comes, and there’s a bit of time and space to catch up with normal life.  And with the psychological watershed of the new year, you can start thinking about new beginnings and new plans.

The weather has been particularly soggy at our part of the world this Christmas, many parts of the country have suffered from floods when the ground can no longer absorb any more water. We luckily live on top of a hill, so flooding is not a problem for us, but it hasn’t been a very inspiring time for winter photography.

But luckily, in the only cold spell of the winter so far, in the early part of December, I took so many photos  that I have plenty of seasonal photos to show you. And today, in the spirit of the new season and new beginnings I thought I’d show you a few sunrise photos that I took on a frosty morning a few weeks ago. I’m never an early riser (if I don’t have to be), so most of the time I miss the photo opportunities that sunrises bring. But in the winter months they occur at a more humane hour which is manageable even for me.

Trees covered with frost

At sunrise, the light levels change so rapidly you really need to be quick to capture all those changing colours. On this chilly morning, it started with a warm pink glow, which 20 minutes later had turned into much colder shades of blue.

Winter morning (1024x683)