Just Before the Leaves Fall

Autumn_BluebellWood_EveningSun (1024x683)The strong winds last week blew away the last of the autumn leaves. Air and light suddenly fill the woodlands around our house, changing their character completely. It’s a time of transition in the forest: each week the light is different, and the forest feels different.

Bluebell Wood just before leaf fall (1024x683)

Just before the last few remaining leaves fall is one of my favourite times of the year to photograph the Bluebell Wood.  This is the time when most of the leaves are already gone, but a few still cling to the branches, speckling the trees like golden glitter.

Hornbeam in Autumn (768x1024)

And the favourite part of the day to capture that on camera is just before the sun goes down. Then, if you are at the western edge of the forest, you can capture the last rays of the sun highlighting all those amber leaves.

Autumn at Bluebell Wood II (1024x683)

Golden leaves at evening sun (1024x683)