Woodland Walk

Bluebell Wood at autumn

On a grey and damp day a little while ago, I took a walk at the Bluebell Wood next to our house. The woodland was particularly atmospheric that day, misty and moody in the low light, making all the yellow autumn leaves really glow.

A quiet day without much wind, you could hear chestnuts falling from the trees, and a squirrel busily rustling nearby.

Bluebell Wood at autumn

It is an old woodland (“semi-ancient” to use a technical term) which has not been managed in any way for a long time. It is full of very photogenic fallen tree trunks, half-rotten on the ground, surrounded by ferns and covered with beautiful dark green moss.

Black tree trunks at Bluebell Wood

This time of the year, I love the way all the tree trunks are so dark and shiny from the dampness. The ground is covered with autumn leaves and little bright green spiky chestnut hulls that have just fallen from the tree, turning dark brown the longer they spend on the ground.

A chestnut hull on a tree trunk


When walking fast, in order to cover a long distance, it is easy to miss all those lovely details that you really need to stop to notice. Because of my ME, I am unable to walk long distances, and walk naturally very slowly and stop frequently to have a mini-rest.

On a photographic walk like this, it is in fact a great advantage, as it gives me plenty of opportunities to notice interesting details and textures that I might otherwise just walk by and miss.

Interesting looking moss, pretty patterns on a tree trunk, a particularly beautifully coloured autumn leaf on the ground.

Yellow leaf on a wet tree trunk

Sometimes, it is just good to be slow.

Two autumn leaves