Nature in Transition

Cherry Leaves in Autumn

November is such an inspiring month for nature photography. It may not be the showiest of months, but I love its quiet moodiness and strong sense of transition.

It’s a particularly good month for photographing trees. In the beginning of the month, the autumn colours are still strong and vibrant, but as the month progresses, their colours become more muted. By mid month, the red colours have more or less disappeared, and the yellows turn mustardy brown. Then, as leaves start dropping off, the beautiful structures of trees, their trunks and branches, are gradually being revealed.

Although long woodland walks are not possible for me, just the trees I can see from my garden have provided several days’ worth of photographic inspiration. Each week, it seems, the woodland view and the light are different. When you can’t travel to new destinations to see new things, you start noticing the small changes that take place around you every day.