Misty Moody November

November Trees

Here in the Northern edge of Europe I don’t think November is anyone’s favourite month. In my home country Finland it is known as the most grim of the months, being so dark and often wet, the autumn taken to its extreme before winter and snow bring a bit of light and relief.

In England it is a misty and damp sort of a month. This year the vibrant autumn colours turned more muted as soon as the clocks went back, the dark reds are now mostly gone and bright yellows have turned a more mustard shade. And yet, I am finding the season wonderfully atmospheric at the moment, November so far has been so misty and moody, not very cold, not constantly rainy, just very misty and damp.

Last night, I looked out of the window when it was already dark. Here in the Kent countryside, when it is dark it really is very dark, as there are no street lights and we are far enought from villages and towns that there’s hardly any light pollution. But last night, darkness was not nearly as complete as it usually is. Light from the full moon was so bright, and it was being reflected by the fog, making the garden look wonderfully eerie. Owls were hooting in the forest, a sound I really love after all the city years in London. All in all, it was a perfect November night.