Evening Sun at Bluebell Wood

Evening Sun at Bluebell Wood

The Bluebell Wood next to our house is particularly beautiful in the autumn. At the moment, I can walk to the end of wood (it’s maybe a five minutes walk) and back, perhaps once or twice a week, which is great, because a year ago, I probably wouldn’t have managed to get to the end of the wood. So there’s definitely been some improvement.

Last weekend, I timed my walk to catch the late afternoon sun. Hugh was carrying my tripod, but unfortunately, by the time the light was just right, a beautiful golden glow, he’d wandered off back home and taken the tripod with him. And I knew if I walked the three minutes back home to fetch it, I wouldn’t be able to walk back… very frustrating. But nevertheless, to look at the positive side, the photos ended up being pretty good, even if they weren’t quite as sharp as I would have liked.