Images of Autumn

Autumn is such a perfect season for anyone interested in nature photography. Everywhere there is beauty and colour, from landscapes to the tiniest leaves on the ground.

And the light, it is just so much more interesting and camera-friendly than the harsh light of bright summer sunshine – not to mention the fact that the beautiful golden light of just before sunset takes place conveniently well before bedtime. An ideal season, then, for spending time outdoors with the camera.

Some of these photos have been taken last autumn, but as I was not blogging at the time I thought it doesn’t count as cheating to show them now.

Those of you who have seen my greetings cards may recognise some of these images. The cards were produced to raise money for two ME charities Network MESH, the West London ME support group, and ME Research UK. I still have some cards left so if you are interested in buying these, please let me know. I’m selling the remaining cards in packs of 5 for £5 (all profits will be donated to ME Research UK). More images can be found here.

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