Apples, Apples, Apples

Kent is known as the garden of England, and in this country it is famous for the fruit that is grown here. On our little country lane, on one end there is a fruit farm where they produce apple juice and on the other end there is an old orchard where we have the owner’s permission to help ourselves to the apples. And we have ten old apple trees ourselves, not very productive any more but still producing more apples than two people can easily get through. So there are just apples everywhere at the moment.

The easiest way to get through a lot of apples is to juice them, and for the last couple of weeks we’ve been having freshly pressed apple juice every morning, sometimes with added carrots, celery or beetroot for extra spice.

Luckily we are a household with culinary roots in two different apple-growing countries, and so between our English and Finnish recipe books we have a great collection of apple recipes to experiment with. Apple pies, baked apples, apple compot (particularly nice with some blackberries thrown in),  apples with savoury dishes such as pork or sausages – the list is suprisingly long. Not to mention apple jam, which is not very common in this country, but popular in my own country, Finland, where it’s often eaten with pancakes. It’s great just on a piece of toast too.

In this country apples often go with blackberries, as they are available at the same time and the flavours go particularly well together. For my own multicultural fusion cuisine, I made some apple and blackberry jam which was particularly delicious.

So our diet at the moment is rather dominated with apples, but we are definitely not complaining…