The Millenium Garden

Millenium Garden at Pensthorpe, Norfolk

Those of you who follow my blog regularly might have noticed I like taking pictures of plants (now there’s an understatement…). I’ve always loved plants and plant photography, but during my illness it really has become my main focus in photography. It is mainly because I spend so much time at home, and the plants in my garden are often the only thing that change regularly in my environment. And they’re easy subjects, not likely to run away in the middle of zooming, and therefore ones that suit my slow pace perfectly.

And even when I do get a chance to go somewhere different, I still photograph… plants.  Well I do take other photos as well, I’m not completely single-minded in that respect, but if there are any beautiful and interesting plants around I will photograph them.

Visiting gardens is a fairly ME-friendly thing to do, being a peaceful and gentle sort of activity (as long as you can get around in a wheelchair). You can go around in your own pace, and as long as the wheather is good there’s normally somewhere pleasant to take a break in, perhaps even lying down on the lawn. So whenever we’re on holiday, Hugh knows that sooner or later we will end up in some garden or another, where I spend hours snapping away photos after photos.

So when in Norfolk a few weeks ago, I really wanted go and see the Millenium Garden in the Pensthorpe nature reserve. It has been designed by Piet Oudolf, who is one of my favourite garden designers. He is known for his naturalistic, prairie-like style of planting. He paints the landscape with large blocks of colourful, tall perennials and grasses, using species that have a long season of interest and require minimal maintenance during the growing season. Plants that look good even when dead in the winter – exactly the kinds of plants that I like.

Here are the results of my field day at the Millenium Garden. I hope you like them as much as I do!