A warning to those of you who are allergic to other people’s holiday snapshots – please look away now!

And for those of you are still reading, here are a few more pictures from our recent holiday to Norfolk. For one week we stayed at Blakeney which is a picturesque village  at the edge of a salt marsh on the North Norfolk coast. It was particularly popular with families with children, as the highlight of the village activities seemed to be catching crab with a piece of bacon and playing in the black mud by the river.

Although playing in the mud did look like a lot of fun, the highlight of the holiday for Hugh and I was a boat trip to see seals at the Blakeney point. The seals there looked like they were having a really wonderful time, relaxing on the beach and enjoying the sunshine. There are no natural predators, and they have plenty to eat, so seal life did look enviably good there. They weren’t even bothered about boatfuls of tourists taking pictures of them. In fact, the way they were all looking at us, it almost seemed like they enjoyed a spot of people-watching.

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