When Inspiration Strikes (and when it doesn’t)

For the last two months, I have hardly been taking any photos, and those that I have taken, haven’t been particularly spectacular. Although you’d think June and July should be great months for garden photography, somehow the inspiration hasn’t been there.

It is true I’ve been going through a slightly worse patch with my ME for the last two months and so haven’t been exactly bursting with energy to be walking around the garden with my camera.

Digitalis luteaBut that’s not the reason for the lack of photographic inspiration. If the inspiration really strikes, I will be out with my camera, no matter what, as long as I am able to walk and stand up (admittedly with ME you cannot take this for granted). Pacing goes out of the window, and I have a bad habit of ignoring all the warning signs and stay out until I’m completely exhausted. It may take me a few days to recover, but I always think it will have been worth it.

I’m sure many would argue one’s health is more important than taking a few photos, but to me it never feels that way. I just want to take the photos, and worry about health (or lack of it) later. Most of my best photos are the result of such moments.

No, the reason for the recent lack of inspiration is that as the days get longer the mid summer light becomes too bright, too flat, too dull. There’s no golden glow, at least not when I am awake. I’m sure the early hours of the morning would be glorious, but I like my sleep too much to be up all hours checking whether the light is just right for photography. Recently there’s been nothing in the light that makes me feel I absolutely must go out to capture it. Or maybe it’s just the sheer number of dull gray or rainy days that we’ve been having in the recent weeks.

Yesterday evening I suddenly noticed that the light quality has changed, there definitely was a lovely hint of golden glow to it. And so out came the camera, I must have photographed every single plant in flower in the garden. It was a great evening, and once I have a chance to look at the pictures, I am hoping I get many good blog posts out of them.

Until then, we must make do with one I took earlier in June. The photo itself is one of those “OK but not spectacular” ones, but it’s a plant I particularly wanted to include in this blog : Digitalis lutea, a yellow perennial foxglove. A new plant to me, I planted some of them this spring, and already it is one of my favourites.