Rose Time

A rose after rainJune is the highlight of an English garden. It is the time when the most quintessential and romantic plants of a traditional English garden flower; paeonies, delphiniums and, of course, roses.

I have inherited lots of roses in my garden. But most of them, unfortunately, I don’t particularly like. You see, I am very particular about the types of roses I like, and dark red hybrid teas, which many of mine are, are definitely not my favourites. And so many roses somehow look really scruffy, when seen from afar.

But despite some of my doubts about roses, when I see an old-fashioned rose close up and smell its scent, I really can’t resist them. It really is the most beautiful flower, and so I have planted more of them this winter (or rather, Hugh did all the hard work, I just chose them).

As it is essential you can get close to a rose, I have planted them in the flower beds next to our patio and next to a path leading to the main garden. They are English roses from David Austin, in yellows, creams and whites: the Crocus rose, Jude the Obscure, Teasing Georgia, Lichfield Angel, Claire Austin. In the last couple of weeks they have started flowering, and they are absolutely gorgeous.