Can’t have your cake and eat it

In a blog like this, it’s difficult to know how much to write about the more difficult times.  Of course, those closest to me will know how I am doing, and it is vital that they do, so that we can make any necessary adjustments to our daily lives. But in general I tend not to talk too much about the bad days (or weeks or months), as I don’t think it’s doing much good to anyone. It doesn’t make me feel any better to complain, and I don’t think it makes anyone else feel much better either.

The Gupta programme that I have been following one and off for about 18 months now positively prohibits any indulgence in negative thoughts. And since it has on the whole helped me quite a bit, they must have a valid point. And yet, sometimes the tide of fatigue just gets too strong and you just need to express the frustration, sometimes there just isn’t anything uplifting, brave or positive to say.

I had a very nice week last week as my dad was visiting me, but this week I am paying the price. And next week there are more family visitors coming, so there isn’t really enough time to recover from one visit before the next one starts. And I am sure next week will be great fun, I have been waiting for that visit for a long time. But meanwhile, it’s difficult to know how to get through the time in-between.