Having a Personality Clash with my Azaleas

If you love plants, inheriting an old garden is one of the best gardening adventures you can have (well, apart from going plant hunting in exotic locations I suppose). Throughout the first year, you have great surprises popping up as you observe what types of plants you actually have.

In my garden there are several old and rather scruffy looking shrubs. I knew they are some sort of azaleas and rhododendrons so although they did not look particularly great last year, I decided to wait until they flower to decide their faith.

In recent weeks, these shrubs have treated us to wonderful show of colour. There is pale yellow, bright yellow, glowing orange, and pinks of all shades. You really can’t fault them for not putting on a fantastic show.

And yet, I am still not too sure about them. Most of them are a bit too colourful and exotic for my taste. I do like the yellows, even the orange ones, but the colour of the bright pink ones is much too strong to suit the gray and blue light in this part of the world. They are a bit too showy and exotic for a natural country garden. I prefer modest sorts of plants, ones with more understated beauty. Maybe me and the azaleas are having a personality clash?