Walking in the Bluebell Wood

Bluebell WoodYesterday we went for a walk in the woods next door to our house. It was the longest walk I’ve been able to manage for about four years. A friend of ours was visiting who is a tree surgeon/arborist and therefore an expert in woodlands and he was giving us a guided tour.

Uncurling Ferns

The area is not huge, but the walk was probably a bit longer than was really good for me, but it I decided not to care – it was so fascinating to listen to a expert who could see so many more things in the landscape than we could have on our own. By looking at the plants for example, he concluded it is a “semi-ancient” woodland, probably at least from the 16th century, although some of the coppiced trees could be even older than that.Early Purple Orchid

The bluebells are just about to come out, I’m looking forward to being able to photograph them in a few days time as the whole forest floor is just covered with them. There was also an area that was completely covered with wild garlic, which is also going to be flowering soon.

The plant highlight was definitely a native orchid, the early purple. There were lots of them and they’re very pretty.

It’s amazing how many interesting things you can find in a small forest like that, if you have a knowledgeable friend with you.