Cherry Blossom and New LeavesThis blog is in a great danger of becoming a Spring Watch episode, but I do feel compelled to report that this week the cherry trees have started to blossom and new leaves are beginning to appear in trees. And today it is the warmest day of the year so far.

This picture is not – unfortunately – from our garden, but it is our neighbour’s garden which I sneakily photographed over the fence. Luckily, we get to enjoy the lovely view very easily and free of charge from our side of the garden.

But although I’ve resorted to talking about the weather and showing pictures of the neighbour’s garden, my life has not been entirely uneventful this week. On Saturday I turned 40 and, with the help of Hugh pushing the wheelchair, we went to the nearest town, Tunbridge Wells, for a celebratory lunch.

I even managed a bit of browsing in the shops which is not particularly easy with a wheelchair, so I had to get up every time we went to a shop. I don’t even want to think what other people make of that (certainly no one was shouting “It’s a miracle!”…). I can’t remember the last time browsing in the shops has not filled me with horror, so perhaps there really is some hope that I am getting better. Certainly on a beautiful sunny day like this it is easier to believe that.