Precious Sight

 You wouldn’t think garden photography is a hazardous sport. Yet on Tuesday, when it was a beautiful spring day and I was out on a mini walk, I managed to have my right eye poked by a stick.

In the evening, when I realised the eye would not be getting better by itself, I had to take a taxi to the local A & E. After a five hour wait, I finally saw a doctor, who told me that although my eye had a scratch, luckily there was no permanent damage (a small consolation, the doctor was young and rather handsome – it’s a shame I could hardly keep my eyes open to see properly!).

Nature is an amazing thing: after a couple of days of not being able to keep my eyes open and a very blurry vision, today finally, I can see properly again.

I had been thinking my life has been rather uneventful recently, but it was not this sort of excitement that I had been hoping for….