A Camera Crisis

A friend suggested that I should tell the readers of this blog what camera I am using to take my photos. All the pictures I have posted so far have been taken with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18 which is a great “bridge” camera (smaller than an SLR but with more manual options than in a compact camera). I loved that camera – I say loved, because unfortunately, it broke.

As a replacement, I decided to treat myself to a proper DSLR so that I would have an option of using multiple lenses. So I now have a Canon EOS 550D, which, at least according to reviews is also a fantastic camera. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’re quite friends yet, the Canon and I. For some reason I haven’t yet been able to take any truly good photos with it, and it is causing a bit of a crisis. Luckily, someone mentioned that this is typical when buying a new camera, you just have to get used to a different model. It was very reassuring to hear that as I had already concluded that my photography skills just aren’t up to using an SLR.

So instead of panic buying another small Panasonic Lumix, I will patiently take more pictures with my Canon and hope that soon I will be able to take good pictures again. Here’s one of my early attempts, taken at the local church yard which is a sea of snow drops at the moment.